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   Dalhia Regalia   

DALhiA ReGalia

     It wasn't far now.  His legs made for this.  Sweeping the dust with his footfall.  He didn't care; if all the dust he'd kick up would make him seen.  It wasn't far now.

    He was seen.  She had eyes like teeth.  And stood on high grounds.  But she was not someone he had to worry about.  Though he did not know her yet.  He would be glad later for those teeth.

    Her intent was fixed on what followed him.

    He had not been discreet.  In these last moments.  Every other part of his journey had been filled with pain stalking attentions, with every care that he would not be known on this planet.

  But the instant the scent of Dahlia Regalia's Blossoms reached his senses, there was no more room for any other care.  

It was across all of these known and unknown galaxies that he'd made and continued to expand his hoop.  Hoping to find these rare & potent plants and medicines.   To bring more life & really mystery to his palate.

    & Regalia Dahlia's scent was no small thing in the spectrum of his hunt.  He was familiar with her mechanism.  Another person or being would perhaps not be as pulled into her grips.  But he had trained his senses.  He'd chosen that path and made full room in all of his being for seduction.

    It was an Art, inevitable but widely refused and stunted from its own maturation.  It's own skillfulness.

    Tell me, he'd often find himself speaking aloud as if to his teacher.  How is it that you are all that I can return to.

   He'd lost everything once.  And since that time, it was all he could return to.  This lonesome journey across the universe was not a vocation chosen lightly.  It was the only thing that remained when all was stripped away.   

     ..... (get the book to read the rest of the story)

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