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Sci-Fi Stories & Worlds into Particular

Since 2015, writing the groundbreaking Blanket Spell, Elisabeth sIrene Shipman, coaxed herself from refusing the powers of What grows in the womb and pockets of her Universe.

The Story of Wonder was Born.  The Unfinished Stories of the Giantess, The Red Box & Gustav.

She accepted that if she didn't birth it into the world. She might wither and die.

That's how cruel a life can be.

When you don't live it.

She who watched from Afar.

And The story of Origins.

Dahlia Regalia

The Reall Moss

The Witches' Threadz

The Man who crafted Wishes.

Pleasure Passway. 


A Sci-Fi Directive


Writing with the pallette of myths and tales of the forests of transylvania and other folktales from around the world, sIrene Shipman, weaves her sensual impressions of the natural world around her.  Her speculative fiction holds themes of intrinsic merging & the shapes we make.

   Nurturing relationships,

And sounds like the ocean that you can keep listening to, over and over.

"Her voice sounds Lyrical, and hypnotizing"

Stories under way . . .

Pleasure PassWay

A Short Story

Celtic water gods and those that change the world together, rescind.   They are arriving at the auspicious moment where everything can never again be what it was before.

   Dalhia Regalia   

DALhiA ReGalia

A Short Story

A Sense Driven exotic Plant Tracker, illicits the protection of a Time Goddess as she incarnates into a heavier Element.

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