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The Time Traveller's Closet


...A Milliner dreams she is an elf and returns to the cloth of clouds and moss...

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   Shapes and  



       from a similar Stem

                    we flower

       I am attracted to methods that embrace impulse.  

           I have always been interested in impulse as a working skill. And have endeavoured to be its devotee.

       Working with textiles, I am inspired by palettes of colour, juxtapositions of textures; by what comes like a pillow talk of what the body would like to wear.  I find fashion a place of revolution.  Scissors a gateway drug.  Needle & Thread a simple technology for making & creating systems that fit me.  Obstacles, a chance to turn the world upside down.  To find innovative solutions that work on many levels to bring great satisfaction.  

       I am drawn to working with offcuts, church sale finds, treasures that I stumble upon.  Discovery is a modus operandis that infuses each piece.  

       But of course, Fashion as an artwork implies a dénouement, a being placed in the world.   It begs a ball to attend. A walk in the world of everyday.  An ornament of the celebrations of life & death.  It implies & yearns to be moved & played; to be worn & tested of its use; to be settled unto a body, to have its pockets filled with acorns & roseships.  To have its purpose lived in.  To be mended where it's torn.  It is a life & history awaiting to be borne.

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